Fishing Competitions

Qld Kids Fishing Classic

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Why choose fishing?

Our parties follow a simple program:After a short safety talk and tuition, the kids will head off to the beach to pump yabbies and drag a bait net to gather the bait. We only keep the bait that is needed and the surplus is released back into the water. Prawns and squid are also kept on hand if the kids don’t catch enough bait for the day. After a small break, the kids return to the beach with fishing rods in hand to fish for the remainder of the party’s duration. Hopefully with everyone hooking up a fish.


2023 Winner

  • Industry Leader of the year
  • Best Incursion before/after school activity
  • People's Choice - Best Activity for 5-12yr old

Best Children’s Service

2022 Winner
• Best Incursion/After School Activity
• Best Activity 5-12 yr olds
• Best Kids School Holiday Activity
Hall of Fame

2021 Winner
• Best Activity 5-12 yr old
• Best Kids Party Provider

High Commended
• Best Team Culture
• Best School Holiday Activity