Sick of the same old Birthday Parties?

Looking for something different?
Why not try a Fishing Birthday Party at a beach near you!
You and your kids will have lots of fun and make great memories of the occasion.

The kids will probably drive you nuts in anticipation, before the day arrives, but it will be worth it. They have such a great time bait gathering & fishing with their friends, they will be talking about their fishing birthday party days later. We have found a lot of parents (mainly dads) of the invited children stay at the party and help or have a go with their child. Everybody goes away with great memories.

2 Bent Rods Fishing Birthday Parties are available to suit most ages, children or adults.
Choose from one of our venues or you may have a favourite place your family likes to go.

Why choose fishing?

Our parties follow a simple program:After a short safety talk and tuition, the kids will head off to the beach to pump yabbies and drag a bait net to gather the bait. We only keep the bait that is needed and the surplus is released back into the water. Prawns and squid are also kept on hand if the kids don’t catch enough bait for the day. After a small break, the kids return to the beach with fishing rods in hand to fish for the remainder of the party’s duration. Hopefully with everyone hooking up a fish.

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Parties start at $350

This gets you :
– A 2 hour program at a beach of
your choosing
– 10 kids, including the Birthday kid,
can attend.
– Included equipment hire

Optional Extras :

– Additional Kids after the first 10 at
$20 per child
– Catering (price negotiable)

Make sure to book your party early to get the best choice of dates.

If you would like more information about our parties,
Call Sam on 0403 713 820
or Contact Us to send us an email.


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