Kids Class

Introduction to the basics of shore based fishing for ages 5 and above

We start the program with a discussion on beach, marine, sun & personal safety.

The children are given high vis vests and bait buckets to use for the day including all equipment needed.

Topics covered:

  • Bait Gathering: Yabby Pumping & Bait netting
  • Kids are shown how to use a yabby pump. They will be able to recognise yabby holes, pump out the yabbies, pick them up, take off their nippers and store them.
  • We have competitions for first yabby caught, biggest nipper etc.,

We then drag the bait net and identify the catch. We let the kids know which fish are safe to touch and how to handle them etc.,

The kids will tie the knot onto the hook themselves. We use a hook tying and safety device, called a “Hookeze”. They will then put the various baits on the hooks.

Casting: We use Alvey Reels. They are a little harder to use but the kids still pick it up very quickly. We use these reels simply for the fact they are almost indestructible.
The kids are then ready to go fishing. They will learn to feel bites and how to hook a fish.

You can see it in the eyes of kids that have caught the “Fishing Bug” on the day.

That’s an affliction that they will be stuck with for life.

Not a bad thing…

All fishing equipment needed for the session is provided..

We try to teach the kids enough so they can take themselves fishing next time. (under supervision)
Most of the kids learn everything quite quickly, some of the younger ones (8 and under) may still need some help or even another session. Others will return to complete a more advanced program.

The children will tie their own hook using a Hook Eze which is a hook tying safety device. There is very little chance of the hook going in their finger while tying the knot.

For more information, please call us on 0403 713 820 or click here to email us.