2 Bent Rods Fishing School

Taking the tangles out of fishing!

Your kids want to go fishing but you’re getting uncomfortable just thinking about it

… the bait … the hooks … the tangles …

… and you’re just wishing they could do it themselves.


Ideal for kids who don’t like traditional sports or for kids that just love to fish.
We understand attention spans can sometimes be short so we mix the program to suit everyones needs on the day.

The 2 Bent Rods Fishing School is very hands on, with the kids being shown how to do everything and then they have a go themselves and our very patient blue carded, staff will help correct their technique.

  • Activites can include:
  • Reading the Beach
  • Yabby Pumping
  • Bait Netting
  • Cast Net Throwing
  • Knot Tying
  • Different Rigs
  • Bait Fishing
  • Lure Fishing
  • Crabbing
  • Cleaning & Filleting (depending on age and ability)
  • Gear Maintenance

Heaps of tips to help make their future fishing trips more successful.

” My 5 year old son was ‘hooked’ after a lucky catch on a recent family holiday. On coming home to Brisbane, he wanted to go fishing every breathing moment. A few fishing trips proved spectacularly unsuccessful given our lack of skills and knowledge.
I found  2 Bent Rods and enrolled my son and I in a Friday afternoon fishing school. The instructors, Jeremy and Sam, had a unique and creative approach to the classes. We soon learnt how to catch our own bait, rig a line, bait a hook, cast and land a fish. But it was Jeremy and Sam’s passion for the outdoors and fishing which was what I enjoyed most. It has imparted in my son an enduring love of wanting to catch the “big one” and at least now we have skills to do so. Subsequently, a 6th birthday fishing party with Jeremy and Sam was a huge success, children and parents alike enjoying the morning pumping for nippers and wetting a line. There was great excitement when a nice sized flathead was pulled in by a lucky friend!  I have no hesitation recommending 2 Bent Rods
Julian, Paddington.

All fishing equipment supplied.
For more information please feel free to phone Sam on 0403 713 820

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