1 Day Clinic

for ages 8 and above

Topics Covered:

Bait Catching
* Yabby pumping
* Bait netting
* Cast netting
Lure Fishing
* Soft plastics
* Hard bodied
* Spinners & spoons
& Crabbing
Bait Fishing
* Fresh bait
* Frozen bait
* Live bait

* Knot tying
* Tackle care
* Beach & Marine safety
* Rules & Regulations

You will also learn how to clean, gut & fillet fish. As well, you will be shown different techniques for cooking on the BBQ. We try to use bream, whiting & flathead as these are the fish you will most often catch.

We will finish off the day enjoying a late seafood BBQ lunch.

All fishing equipment needed for the day is supplied as well as cold water, cordial and sunscreen.

Prizes are awarded each day!

You may need a towel and possibly shoes to wear in the water.


For more information, please call us on 0403 713 820 or click here to email us.